This is a small collection of my written works. Over time I will be releasing more from my archives.


Writing is one of the most important things to me, and I have sought to master all the great literatures of the world.


By which I mean I wanted to master poetry, I wanted to master expression, I wanted to master communication, so I could be useful to the world in the ways that I am.


These written works represent some of the things that I think are important or that were important to me.


I have let my mind wander into many rooms to seek out understanding and wisdom and these pieces are some of what I have gathered and incorporated and felt the need to express and share with others.


I look forward to your increasing appreciation of my writings as I release my various other musings in the future.




My anthology of operating wisdom, 'The Universal Interactive Manual', a collection of ideas about existence that condenses a large chunk of our collected philosophy into a bite sized curriculum. It is a live book, in the sense that I do update it as I find something interesting to add from time to time.



'No More War' is my statement on war and how to end it. This can be considered the first stage of a larger work I have produced. It could be considered a blueprint or masterplan for peace. It is the important words.



Poetry is one of my favourite artforms and tools of expression. My collection of poems titled 'Find The Sky' is my exploration of capturing and expressing all the things and thoughts that were making up my life at the time, or presently. My life encoded with the secrets of existence, spelled out with experience to raise the readers' consciousness.



'Civil Rights - Poetry To The Rescue !' is a collection of documents related to me standing up for my rights in the face of governmental tryanny. I just wanted change, I still do. It's not over yet.



'Rimbaud - The Project Works' is my ode to a poet who had an influence on my life from a young age. He began a project and this little work I have put together is me looking back through time and telling him that his project of seeding the future with ideas worked. I am one of those.



'The Arts, in Australia' is a few words about the fact that 'Arts' can play an important and valuable role in our society [and the wider world].



'The Internet + Interactive Technologies' was written in 1996 as a university paper by yours truely. It is still a pretty good piece of writing about this subject, 20 plus years on.


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