The Arts, In Australia

"Shut up you miserable delinquents !
Someday you're gonna have to straighten-out
and earn a decent living"

Here are some ideas that I have about the arts, and their place in the world...

"The arts are the rain forests of society. They produce the oxygen of freedom, and they are the early warning system when freedom is in danger".  

Introduction :

Evolution and exploration is what makes art.

Young artists and designers tussle with little money, and lots of regulation - to set up ventures that are self-funding, and enrich our culture.

Alternative businesses that aim to produce new and challenging work, rather than pots of cash, are a concept greeted with apprehension - but with hard work, collaboration, and a revision of "orthodox business plans", it can be done.

There are abundant healthy signs of live and kicking subcultures - although inextricably connected - operating quite independently of the mainstream.

Our Government, and Society needs to recognise and/or facilitate cultural growth, through support of these 'different business models', and 'new technologies'.

There needs to be more support for young artists in all fields in this 'new economy'.

Grant schemes should have the resources to direct money to young artists who need it.

They know what to do with it.

Establish peace and social justice from the landscape of the 21st Century.

And have fun 'doing it'.

'New Technology', 'New Frontiers', 'New Media Arts Projects'

The methodology of science is currently reaching the frontier where new skills of handling inexact concepts will become critical.

We are faced with a reality and a 'force' that belongs to some world other than the one which we are a part of.

An 'enlightened society' must recognise the major opportunities in unfettered arts and performance, and research and development, in which imaginative artists and performers[etc] feel free to pursue their curiosity beyond the limits of "available knowledge".

When we are young going beyond the surface was the idea, the main idea, the tremendous idea, and we are full of new ideas !

Better said : We are full of new concepts, or better still, full of very old concepts, buried from a long time ago, almost dead even.

We are challenging the challenge.

Through art we can see a secret world beyond the surface of life.

Discovery is the product of opportunity, imagination, brilliance,
persistence and serendipity - that magical 'quality' that brings forth 'unexpected' and 'accidental' discoveries...

I don't know about you ; but for me, I don't want to be protected from what's 'out there'.

In fact, having gone out there and experienced what's out there, I feel my life has been greatly enriched in many areas by having gone out there,
beyond the surface...

We can still only begin to imagine where we are headed with all this NEW  MEDIA  TECHNOLOGY.

It gets really 'interesting' and 'interactive' once you piece together some larger-picture of where this digital technology we're using has come from, and its possible paths.

Due to the hybrid nature, and links with cultural studies, communication theory, visual design, visual arts, computer science, film studies [etc]; 'New Media Arts Projects' typically require a vast skill-set, and cover a range of considerations which are not necessarily able to be provided by one person [or 'course'].

Working together.

We are working with new and uncharted technology and media, there are a plethora of opportunities for innovation to be realised.

The 'creative arts' are in a position to solve major social, economic and political inequities in this country [Australia].

There is a huge amount of work to be done to raise awareness of the arts and their value to the broader community. 

>* Arts Policy Documents [Development] :


Australia Council New Media Arts Fund - "Vision Day : Planning for the Future"


Western Australian Ministry for the Arts - "Building community through the Arts : An eight year strategy.


>* 'Findings' :


[1] The arts are good for us and that they add value to a whole range of social justice areas


[2] Assertions [with substantiating figures and statistics] that the arts contribute both cultural and economic capital to the state of W.A. ; That the arts, are in fact, good for business.


[3] Engaging the Community, Building for Culture and the Arts, Resourcing Culture and the Arts. These might be translated into, firstly : promoting the arts to the broader community in order to increase audiences. Secondly ; doing something about the poor conditions and inadequate facilities in most arts and cultural venues. Thirdly ; money.


[4] The financial objectives are to 'broaden the base of support for arts agencies and cultural events'.


[5] Expand the scope and scale of support of private sector support for the culture and arts industry.


[6] Encourage a shift in perceptions about arts funding from arts spending, to an investment in the arts.


[7] To respond to what artists and organisations are doing, rather than just what Arts Funding Authorities thinks they should be doing.


[8] In the United Kingdom, new government arts funding priorities are predicated on social utility - the arts as ameliorating social ills, arts practice as an alternative to anti-social behaviour.


[9] The arts are in a position to solve major social, economic and political inequities in this country.


[10] Professionalism and high standards are essential to effective marketing and communications.


[11] Art-making should be understood in terms of lifestyle and recreation.


[12] There is a huge amount of work to be done to raise awareness of the arts and their value to the broader community.


[13] Improved education - particularly at primary and secondary levels, regardless of socio-economic background - is vital.


[14] Improved access to the media and to government.

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