Civil Rights - Poetry To The Rescue !

Civil Rights - Poetry To The Rescue !

"Clothed in facts truth feels oppressed ;
In the garb of poetry it moves easy and free"

Poetry is the art or work of a poet.

Poetry is a healing tool.

Poetry is a tool of knowledge.

Poetry is a tool of wisdom.

Poetry is a tool of understanding.

Civil Rights - Poetry To The Rescue ! is about standing up and speaking out.

It is community work.

I decided not to vote in the Referendum of 1999, which was it seemed about whether Australia should retain the Monarchical Style Government, or select a Republican Style Model.

I believed that neither approaches to governance suggested were appropriate in our current time.

With all the other great ideas that are out there in the thinking world, I would have liked there to be some other possibility to consider.

The format of the Referendum did not present any real choice, hence I chose the only avenue to pursue in such a situation - I chose not to vote for either.

The initial idea was to suggest a change to the Governance of Australia, the opportunity for further positive change was there, but it got lost somewhere during the process, I guess.

With in my democratic rights, and with reason and purpose I chose to engage some of the very systems that are going to be affected by the changes associated with alterations to the "Governance of Australia", which is what is suggested by the purpose of the Referendum - The Australian Electoral Commission, The Crown, The Australian Judicial System, The Citizens of Australia [many whom I have consulted through out the process, and whose support I have in this "action"]

This particular 'project' turned into something a lot larger that even I could have forseen !

The presentation I have prepared here is the documentation presented to the Australian Justice System, The Australian Government, and The World.

I have in preparation a more detailed telling of the 'whole thing' - including Court Appearances, and interactions with other voting citizens.

Please enjoy the three parts for the time being, and stay tuned for the rest of the story, as I get around to writing it, if I ever do... : )~

I was just trying to do my best, to get from A to B.

I was trying to take control of my life, only to find out that it is actually controlled for me by petty bureaucracy and little bits of paper.

Ignorant petty rules and laws that obstruct every little tiny action, until you find out that you have committed a crime without even knowing it.

I mean, you know ; why can't life be made a little more easier for everybody ?

Huh ?

There's more to life than just being safe.

"Out There".

"Out There", there is only "knowledge".

"Knowledge" is frightening, true ; but if we accept the frightening nature of "knowledge" we cancel out it's awsomeness. 

An excerpt from Bad Blood [Mauvais Sang] by Arthur Rimbaud 1873 [ A Season in Hell - Une Saison En Enfer]

"I saw myself in front of an infuriated mob, facing the firing squad, weeping over the
unhappiness which they would not have been able to understand, and forgiving ! - Like Joan of Arc ! :

"Priests, teachers, masters, you are wrong to turn me over to justice.

I have never belonged to this race. I have never been Christian.

I am of the breed that sang under torture.

I do not understand your laws. I have no moral sense. I am a brute.

You are making a mistake".

With your freedom comes personal responsibility and accountability for your actions.

This naturally fosters your sense of self-worth and self-respect.

You are in the drivers seat of your life.

[part 1] I did not vote because...

My poetic civil rights expression to the Australian Electoral Commission and fellow citizens of Australia.

This is my way of effecting change, when it seems impossible to do so.

[part 2]  A vision for the future...

A few words as a contribution to positive vibes on planet Earth ; seeing as I have begun 'a creative process', I have followed through with a vision for the future, what do you think ? :

[part 3]  The end is the beginning...

This third, and final piece of this 'project' is my collection of notes, and the interconnected issues that relate to my defense in the court action sought against myself by the Australian Electoral Commission, acting as agents of the Government of Australia, through provisions in the Justice System and the Electoral Act.

There is an old saying 'history repeats itself'.

Any form of consciousness would continue to repeat it's experience because it either so enjoyed what it was doing and sought out the experience again, or the consciousness was so un-aware of what it was doing, that it did not realize it was repeating itself...

[part 4]  My day in court...

Transcripts from my day in court

[part 5]  The outcome of action...

Why put oneself through all this? And what for? Who cares?

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