Find The Sky

"Something deeper and truer"

part [1] Illuminations...a return to abandoned thoughts

part [2] Maybe, Nearly, Everything

part [3] Elsewhere 

Poetry is the art or work of a poet.

Poetry is a healing tool.

Poetry is a tool of knowledge.

Poetry is a tool of wisdom.

Poetry is a tool of understanding.

Poetic symbols are the most efficient way to convey large amounts of complex information, because they can convey multiple levels of meaning at the same time.

The symbolic language of Nature integrates poetry + mathematics...

We live in a universe of symbolic messages

There's no theoretical reason why poetry cannot be used for utopian ends.

In Persia we see that poetry is meant to be set to music and chanted or sung - for one reason alone : because it works.

Poetry can have a measurable physical effect on its readers...

And so here we are [again]

part [1] Illuminations...
a return to abandoned thoughts

[1] Yesterday's today

Seeing things in me, in everything I see; and I know it's real, or some kind of reality.
Finding out, just what it all means..

No money, your soul, no right, and no wrong; and things are just as they are,
yesterday's, today, again and again.

I get in, I get out; I'm free-in my brain.

Yesterday's today, just like in my dreams
And tomorrow's going to be all it seems

Stop being lazy, you lazy beings.  

[2] change tomorrow, change today

change tomorrow, change today.
change tomorrow, change today,

I've been where I been? I've seen what I've seen?

because believing's just like dreaming, and dreaming's just believing.

it's easier. it's easier.

change tomorrow, change today,
change tomorrow, change today.

[3] fall away

I can't think of what I missed today, and it doesn't matter anyway.

You know, maybe sometimes things start going wrong; and every thing seems to fall away,
belief, believe, beyond you could say.

I left some part of me back there a while, and in time, you know you can smile.

Because you know it's something that you learnt, and that's something to grow.
When it all comes around, what do you know?

[4] outside, inside

It's all just space and time; and it's all about loving [and that could be something!]
Tomorrow's taking hold and HEY! when do we learn? we need to think.
Like buying things that you think you need; you need to think!
What's going to be around? a plastic sea.

Dolphins are singing songs to me.
A dream caught in time; it's just enough to be!

But what does it mean? it means many things.
But what does it mean? it means many things.
But what does it mean? it means many things.

You really have to get outside; inside.

See it big! and see it wide!

Its outside, it's inside. 

[5] now and always

I've got to get back, I've got to get back.
I've got to get back to where,
I was headed.

Taken far to many back roads; although,
let it be said, I'm sick of highways.

I just need a path of which I can pass.

I'll have to build it, traverse it, now and always.

[6] an influenced consciousness

I read a book...

That made me look around, differently.
I saw me, and who I was already.

I saw a film...

That changed my perspective, from what came before.
It made so much sense, that I can't understand peoples mentality.

I met a girl...

Who made me think of tomorrow, in a way that was changed.

I consumed something...

That made me see; right down to the chemical level.
Beyond to what we're made of.

Some life-form channeled me...

Explained a few things that came before.
And why we're here; all positively.

The thing that makes you whole, is every part of me, the universe, and everything.

[7] Note #12

I'm looking forward- to what has yet to come.

A million sunrises, and moon sets.

Sunsets and upsets; of those I hope only some. 

[8] flying saucer machine

They've got flying saucers, for all of us.
This time they're free...

Just climb aboard, come flying with me...

See the Earths' infinite plane, and then understand why
It's all so clear to see,
no one dies.

I got my own flying saucer machine, and what it means,
it seems to be.

All that is, and was, a part of me...

Come let us get high, above it all.
Wonder as we see the Earth-plane; why some want to see it fall ?

And why no one needs to die...

We'll circle the galaxy, beyond the speed of light.

Sit back, enjoy the ride.

Tell me you can get used to this.

[9] that's what we need

Ready made questions, and paths to take. Thinking for ourselves, and all we can say.

I don't have the answers;
wish I did, but did you know,

When you'd be all grown up, and all you could have been...

And what will it take; to make us see.

Can you see the imprints?

That's what makes you think.

That's what made you think.

Are you free? thinking?

All I want is the best of everything,
the best for everyone,
or whatever, maybe...

And some day, somewhere, someone'll listen,
and understand; we have to move forward, and evolve,
to whatever we can be - whatever that means.

You have to believe.

Reality is; what you know!
It's what you know...
It's what you know.

And maybe some one will stop to think...

It's not going to be solved by the economy;
because the people don't have any.

And would it be too much to expect, that we could all live in harmony?

I put my hand up, just because I believe.

[I don't vote Yes! to war]

I don't have the answer, but I do have the questions.

Information, Freedom, Super Highway.
Communication, Connectedness, Consciousness.

We all have to learn, because we all have to know.

Walking on the moon is all very fine,
But where did it take us; "just ask why".

They lied.

Now where do we go?
Do we take it from here, waking up tomorrow in a world with no fear.

[10] Love







[11] Some other day?

Pull a secret switch, you get a piece of pie.
Go and get some, take a leap and fly.

Chill out on down; a psycadelic slide,
on the way free your mind.

Stop thinking the thoughts; they made you say.

Don't be so afraid, we come in peace...

Some other day? 

[12] Un-plug your TV

i] The Pyramids and Stone Henge, they're not mysteries any more.
And because you walked home defiant; in-charge of life,
and don't define it.

Opportunity for whatever, a sunset'll see.
A cosmic array, and who will be will be.

I'd keep an eye, on the sky; at all times,
because times got time, no escape from reality.

And-so un-plug your TV! can't you HEAR it buzzing, constantly?

Download a CD, free your life from uncertainty.

Relying on someone; that you don't know?
Telling me all this and what's best.

It's what's best. It's what's best. It's what's best.
And well I don't know, your guess, my guess?

What's best? What's best? What's best?

ii] Lost and wondering; days dream, focus and letting go.
And just what to know, and just who'd you tell?
Forward, on, beyond it, you try.
Lifes giving up on secrets; KNOWLEDGE is FREEDOM.

So many lines [of which] do YOU understand?

The mystery is in seeking; and keeping's not for keeping.

iii] Because it's always and over again.
Questing; a light that can be.
Not explained, contextually. So to be sure,
I'll throw in some 'mathematically sophisticated machinery': or what you'd call 'places of mystery'.
A mystery's worth knowing, a mystery is worth seeing.

iv] Alternatively I could tell you all about;

A whole pile of things, but you see, I'm just not that crazy : )

Perhaps, you see; and because you understand,
yesterdays dream is here and now at hand.

Knowing that. Given forever.
Just how are you going to land?

Don't be weakened by the sight of it.

Your guess; what's best.

Your guess.

What's best? 

[13] Wake up

Wake up tomorrow, stop today!
Think what you did, was it just the same?
Wake up tomorrow, start the change!

The sun comes up to a clear blue sky. Nobody wakes to see another die.
Wake up tomorrow, start the change!

If I fight tomorrow, what will it change?
Don't forget just what came, take the time to think today...

It's got to make you think...Is it speed, is it sport, is it god, or is it gold or on TV?

Where will they get you? when there's so much more to be?
And where do do think that will lead...

Perhaps there's something else to believe.

Wake up tomorrow, start the change. Don't make it the same, just like before

All over again - [that's just insane] -

And that's what I have to say...

[14] blue and green

It's been some time since i've seen you;

Don't become enslaved, be free at every turn.
That's the hardest thing to learn.

I could stand here all day, until you understand;
Limitations are constructs of a stationary mind.

Don't grow old. Grow up!

Walk in the moon-light, say, "yet..."

blue and green - I love blue and green.

[15] It's got to be simpler

i] When it all seems to much, I get to thinking...

The hardest thing is being, so simple.

The freedom to survive, and just what to do?
To not go beyond, to what is to come?
When it's all just begun?

How can I not?

ii] Yesterday I didn't know, what happens when you do?

Is that what they mean?...It's got to be simpler.

What are we missing?; What we don't know.

I'm ready to know the answer to every thing I can think of.

Fast-forward me to tomorrow :

Don't overload me on information, too much information...

Fast-forward to tomorrow, think what it will be. Start today, think what that might mean.

Waking up in a world of peace ?  [finally]

[16] in one point and all

A distance from whatever; and a thought to my soul,
brings me to calmness and want of caress.

That's a feeling that's all in a meaning.

The curve and smell of tomorrow, and that's all very well.

Just what do you see, or want it to be?

After all; It's just what we do, in times when we're free.

What gets in the way, is the things that we don't say, what we said and didn't mean. [oh yeah]

It's what we all want to do.

Be as one; Together in one point and all...

[17] It's okay 

It's okay. It's okay.

It's okay. It's okay.

Someone grew my mind.

And now I think,

It's okay. It's okay.

To do what I feel is right today...

It's okay. It's okay.

Today's just like yesterday, but changed.

And on a plane.

And it's okay.

It's fine, it's okay. 

[18] The day it all came to me 

i] The day it all came to me, up on a hill and into my mind. So clear that I could see, what it was that I would find.

Just like looking into a crystal ball; that was once the world. To leave what was mine, to run away to nothing; just listening to tomorrow - well that's got to mean something.

Life became, and always was the stage that I had set.

And the day it all came to me.
So clear that I could see; the past, the future, presently.

[I could see all the beauty]

And the day it all came to me.
So clear that I could see. Tomorrow and just listening.

[Well] that's got to mean something.


ii] Just an ape, and why did it mean to be.
Just a piece of dust on the universe that I could see.

Into my mind - some thing told me; and just as my transferring soul made it clear:

So clear to see.

The day it all came to me.
On the stage that is made.

The day it all came to me.

You're just what you play.

[19] And forward, onto whatever

And forward, onto whatever.
A dream like any other, and it is a wonder

See what you see for tomorrow brings the most of all you can be

Be the one that you need.

Make the most, of all that's come, and gone and all that is going to be.

Change the day, get into the big picture.
It's only you who will let you.

[20] I was thinking just because

Just what you mean to me, well let me try to explain;

It's like the first time, over and over again.

Walking the street with a field of invisibility. The distance is so consuming.

It's all plain to me:

A star seeded being, dreaming all that you can be.

And you're dreaming all you can see...

The first time we spoke, to the first time we kissed.

Do you remember just how it was?
I was thinking, just because.

The days and hours don't matter any more.

Your first words, they caught the time.
In my mind I knew it was right.

And how couldn't it be?
Just let me explain.

It's like the first time, over and over again.

Your words seemed like the ones I'd spoken. And what it meant
find a like mind...[more than just awoken]

What it meant to be, not alone in all the time that is and was.

I was thinking just because.

Your first words, to the last time we kissed.
Do you remember how it was?

I was thinking, just because.

[21] that would have meant...

A thought so small, and a life out there past today.

It's okay to change your mind - tomorrows a clean slate. And what is everyone to say...

When you find another day, you realise what a difference makes.

If you only listen to what they say, how are you going to change the way?

Because if you listen to what it is 'they're' saying : it ain't no help to you.

And when you understand; what it was ; you were meant to be.

What they told you to make you see, and the last time that you didn't say, when you could have said, something to someone, that would have meant...[something]

[22] Be left

In control. In control. Be in control.

Be controlled. Be controlled. Don't be-controlled.

Be left. Be left. Don't be left out. 

[23] short poem

I thought I'd take the time, to not wake up today - to the same old things that I've been saying, over and over and over again. [Oh yeah, and something about 'some' change..]

[24] A New Thought Program. 

What is it we all want from existance? Do you think it makes any sense?

Make your mind clear.

Open to peace.

Open to love.

There is always something more to see.

[25] Day dreaming a day away

My soul's keeping time now; star-sign of the times.

Understanding infinity and the material plane.

All the things I thought, I never did. A memory glitch of a cosmic degree. And all the things I've yet to see.

The intensity of it all. We can go there.
The intensity of it all. Information some can't bare.

The in-solution. To post-millenial evolution!

Hook into the conscious-ness, of your lifetimes dream.

Wake up tomorrow - It's no coincidence that things seem how they seem.

Up on a rock, up on a hill. Time is over flowing - It's filling.

Hook into the conscious-net.

It's Universal - Life's a rehearsal.

Butterflies again.

Butterflies again.

That doesn't bother me either.

What matters to me, is being aware of the essence of being.

And of being free.

Anything is possible.

Astronots in the sky!

Realise that it's all in your mind.

Day dreaming a day away.

part [2] Maybe, Nearly, Everything...


[1] that poet

Many men have come before I came.

I could tell you what I was, from where I came, or just because...

Images of things...I thought today of when I was a kid,
I remembered what I did, so clear that it was wierd.

That was not so long ago, I remember how it was.

Illustrating the human comedy at twelve, and what else ?

All those things I wanted to do.

Sometimes I made a list.

I was walking into the sunset.

Took what was free and what was left.

Idle wealth ; I had a dream - then it all came to me :

Charity is the key ! A lofty thought indeed.

I dreamt long ago - that "that" poet was me.

You never die. It's how you live your life.

It just keeps going on.

You get a chance to make it right.

[2] beautiful things

A breeze blows by the way.

Walking barefoot upon the ground.

Colours so bright.

Walking home in the moonlight.

Surfing the waves ; of consciousness.

The ceaseless universal-flux.

My dream, of something altogether possible.

Of just being together. Of being real.

I love that dream, I love that smell, I love that feel.

[3] alternative means

There was so much to learn : taking on the world.

I let go, we let each other in.

And it was like...nothing before.

Each other from the ultimate source.

The timing was right.

We came together - by alternative means.
A post-punk-kid - with you in the dream.

I put it out there [to the universe] and it said to let go.

There's so much more to know...

We had things to do.

Respect to you my friend.

And forward onto whatever.

New dreams, new scenes.

In my heart forever - it did mean everything.

I like that past, and I wouldn't change a thing.

[4] a holographic universe

In a holographic universe - everything goes !

Because it's just like a dream.

I listen to the Aborigines [ they know ]

When we're kids we do what we're shown.

When we're kids.

We see all the grown-ups - and promise that we won't be so messed-up [then we grow up] ...

"Am I gonna be all grown-up - and all that I can be ?"

In a holographic universe - everything goes !

I can walk into yesterday.

I can fly by the way.

I understand the Dreamtime.

Walking around. I took the time. And here it goes...  :

Lighten up. Be around. Interact. And you'll be found, see.

Because what I've been told, is that I am free.

So is every one of you. It's true. Just Be.

[5] plan for a good time

Welcome to the Dreamtime.

It's within that you'll find it.

The formula ; the key.
What is it ?

I really want to see.

Yeah, I do 'believe'.

Here's what I have to say :

I am here again to play The Game.

I'm here to "chill out", and be part of CHANGE.

I built a bridge from another time.

Over a couple of lives.

I've made a plan for a good time.


Have you got that ?

Do you see where it goes ?

If I just do it "that" way -> everyone knows.

Did you know ?
Did you know ?

[6] space man

Space man, space man.

I'm a part of your space man.

But please won't you give me some space man.

There is a place where there's time and space man.

It's been so hard to find some, space man.

[7] fridge poem

i love the summer wind ; and diamond petal rain.

there through a vision, under a cool sky moon,
shine behind him here like these - tripped like some sweet thinking being.

time always playing ; the symphony is gorgeous.

the goddess is my honey ; i am eternity's dream soaring above and about.

beauty raw and easy ; together whispering.

delicate and delerious.

picture our love...

swim in the blue void

live essential music.

you sing in bare feet.

the skin beneath a friend

ask those days for me.

[8] you think you've lost your mind

You think you've lost your mind,
well I saw it yesterday.

It was dreaming things that make you see,
and now it's dreaming all it can be.

The universe told you, it was going that way.

You think you've lost your mind,
well I saw it yesterday.

[9] just to be free

I don't know, do you ?
I woke up, and now I'm dreaming...
Looked around a bit deeper, had to stop believing in so much
- just to be free.

[10] day dream

being. being. being free.

or at least trying to be : )

day dream, day dreaming a day away

day dream, day dreaming a day away...

all ways been looking out for something new to see ?

some might say that 'imagine' is just a dream...

i just want it to be

day dream, day dreaming a day away

day dream, day dreaming a day away...

[11] the project works

An endless stream of muse... I'm tuned in... and time's just let go,
and I refuse... to give in... because I know.

Yesterday they gave away, all the things you had to say,
now who's listening to what's been said - I'm going to change today.

Because listening to all the same old things, that they have been-saying,
well to be true to you - "it does in my brain".

Singing tunes that make the world get found, bringing light into the sound.

Dreaming dreams each day - writing words that say some of the things I've said.

Loving you, thinking thoughts of times that we had.

It's like I told you, that is what is going on..
The project works, and I belong.

It's like I told you, that's what is going on..
The project works, and I belong.

It's like I told you, that's what is going on...
The project works, and I belong.

[12] surfer

surfer, in my dreams - catch me a wave today.
you and I, we believe in crazy things, and make believe.

all the things I'm not afraid to say.

surfer, in my dreams - catch me a wave today,
you and I, we believe in crazy things, and make believe.

we met in a dream, - on a wave ; or was it the other way ?

your eyes are like a mirror to what I see [and you see]

surfer, in my dreams - catch me a wave today,
you and I, we believe in crazy things, and make believe.

[13] universal blue

Just try being real, in a reality just unfolded, oh ! ; and what can you answer
- when everything is loaded ?

Another dream ; days that matter as much as yesterday.
Visions of light viewed by micro-cosmic minds.

The freedom of release, of knowing that all is right...

I'm taking control, and this I know is true : I dig the sun, down a wave - upon a universal blue...

And in the world today it seems ; fear, ignorance, media moguls, paranoid beaurocrats,
many manipulated by 'whatever'.

They make it all.

There's games to play ; and experiences to have - beyond the dreams of consumer days.

There's too much time spent on deception.

Today I heard a few words told in desperation, someone got sold a dream
that stole their soul.

I'm taking control, and this I know is true : I dig the sun, down a wave - upon a universal blue...

I'll tell you ; the best things in life to me don't rate too high on
consensus reality's conforming morality..

I've been removing bad vibes put on my mind.

I'm taking control, and this I know is true : I dig the sun, down a wave - upon a universal blue...

[14] turn to 'whatever'..."zen"

The world it is larger, which direction you wanna go ?
Life's one tall order, and who truely knows...

Have you ever woken up, and found your dream has come true ?

Now I got my soul.

The day comes around, the sun shines again.

Turn to 'whatever' ; "zen" ?

I woke up ; found my dreams came true, the day always comes around.

And the sky is blue.

I know what I want...

part [3] Elsewhere

[1] It's All Right, It's Okay

Everyone is going through the same kinds of things as you,
see the same kinds of things they do.

"I know what you know, deep down inside".

And you know it's all right, and you know it's okay.

Hey kids don't go to school today.

I looked up and wondered ; "what were all the stars ?"

And it took me far away, so far away from here.

Living with no fear.

I know what you know deep down inside.

We're all waking up to something, and we're all gonna shine.

And you know it's all right, and you know it's okay.

Hey kids don't go to school today.

It's all gonna show - we're all here and now, but where do we go ?

I know what you know, deep down inside.

We're all waking up to something and we're all gonna shine.

And you know it's all right, and you know it's okay.

Hey kids don't go to school today.

[2] Whatever, Maybe, Some Time

I've been making my own way. I'm seeing changes every day.

I'm going to chase blue skies everywhere.

I'm saying whatever, maybe, some time ; and when the Sun shines...

I'm here and now ; and I care.

Be King of your own scene.

Have wonderful dreams. 

I want you to come along.

I want you to sing your songs.

I'm going to chase blue skies and the Sun.

Can you tell me what do you see - when you close your eyes and breathe...?

r.u. seeing stars ; do you go all the way ?

r.u. gonna be ?

What do you see ?

I can just be free. 

I've been making my own way. I'm seeing changes every day.

I'm going to chase blue skies everywhere.

I'm saying whatever, maybe, some time ; and when the Sun shines...

I'm saying whatever, maybe some time, some day...

I'm here and now...

I'm king of my own scene.

I have wonderful dreams.

[3] Space

Keeping interested in grey news and fearful invaders.

What can we do ?

Maybe. Maybe. Maybe.

All the things I did before, I did because I had to.

When you see your soul, and you know it all, what do you do ?

Space. Space. Space.

We're lucky we have trees, it's hard enough to breathe.

Space. Space. Space.

All those things that we say...

Space. Space. Space.

As we go from day to day...

Space. Space. Space.

[4] The West Coast's Always Fine

Watching the wheels go round and round.

Have you ever gone there ; do you want to come along.

You can bring, and you can sing your songs.

It can take forever ; or be just another day.

I'm just saying what's really on my mind.

And some days, just like 'One Days'...

The west coast's always fine.

[5] Something 

I really care about my freedom.

Do you know what that means ?

We're all going to come together, one day, some day, maybe.

The future is now, and some how - it's all going to come together.

Let's interact - and fool around.

Way out west.

Under the clouds.

That's the way it's going to be.

Let's play 'catch-up'

Well maybe.

It's gonna happen one day.

D'you know what I mean ?

I've been reading the signs

I'm making my own mind up about all that I'm gonna do.

What is the day today ?

Where do we go from here ?

Do we wake up tomorrow in a world with no fear ?

I think we can do it.

I know I think I can.

What is it that stops us making words flow ?

Is it because we don't know where we go, when we GO?

[6] one in the morning

I started telling a story at one in the morning.

I knew exactly what I wanted to be.

The truth is in your perception - and how far you extend your imagination.

And I don't have all the answers - and as I said "I wish I did, but did you know..."

The one thing left on my mind to contemplate, is how we go from 'a' to 'b'.

I know we go on living for ever... but it's the bit in between...
you know from this life to the other, and all the possibilities...

And well, that's what I believe, because I have seen so many things.

I have been to places, that you may not ever believe...

I'm telling you my story, at one in the morning.

I'm telling you my story, because if you remember, it was all getting rather did ask.

[7] And now I see

And now I see, it can be done, we can be free.

Are we here and now - part of the dream,
or are we waiting - just to believe ?:

Just what it was... we are meant to be...

I've been looking out - -> there's reflecting visions everywhere.

Then, after everything - it all comes back to you and me, somewhere in-between

you're the sun, and I'm the one that I just want to be.

I just want to be, with you.

And now I see - it can be done - we can be free.

Are we here and now - part of the dream,

or are we waiting - to believe ?...

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