NO MORE WAR is a personal and artistic exploration of war, peace and sanity, and the ways in which humanity can raise it's collective consciousness and achieve peace, maybe.


This is my antidote to the propaganda that has humanity enslaved in perpetual wars with one another.


It contains the quintessences that create and perpetuate this old world paradigm of conflict and separation, the understanding of which can help reset the reality filters imposed on us by all the liars in high places.


As a child John Lennon and Yoko Ono's WAR IS OVER (IF YOU WANT IT) art project really resonated with me.


I feel it is one of the most important artwork projects ever created and it lives today under it's own momentum.


Using art for useful ends, to wage war on tyranny and oppression, has been at the bedrock of my own creative arts practice.

This project is my expression and offering, in the spirit of WAR IS OVER, to the cultural tapestry of ideas and solutions working for peace and freedom.


Created for our very present NOW where soldiers are at war all over the world.


War's costly profit driven money trail of debt and destruction leads directly to the culprits who are responsible for instigating and perpetuating world wide conflicts.


It is truely obscene that we in Australia spend the same TAXED DOLLARS on Warfare as we do on Education each year, something to the tune of $50 Billion anually.





























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